Administrators can review and verify every Service Hours of the platform in a single page.

  1. Log in on CampusGroups.
  2. Click on "Admin" (key icon in the top menu).

   3. Click on "Service Hours" under "Engagement" on the left-side menu.

  4. If you have Service Hours to verify, you will see a red banner on the top of your page. 

Click on "XX new Service Hours".

   5. You will then retrieve every Service Hours to be verified.

  • Check the "Verified" checkbox to verify the Service Hours.
  • Click on "Edit" if you need to change the Service Hours.

   6. It is also possible to verify multiple Service Hours at once.

  • Select the Service Hours with the checkboxes on the left or the "Select All" checkbox.
  • Click on the "Verify Service Hours" button.

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