Pulling events from 25Live into CampusGroups

CampusGroups can pull events from 25Live using the ICS calendar feeds that 25Live provides. 

The platform supports two type of ICS feed imports:

  • The ICS feed is imported into one specific group in which case you need to select the group beforehand

  • The ICS feed contains events meant to be imported into multiple groups in which case one of the attributes in the ICS feed must identify the group and a mapping of group identifier to CampusGroups groups must be provided to us (we will send you an excel to complete in this case)

In addition you may decide on a per feed basis whether the imported events should allow registration on CampusGroups or not. Finally we require an Event Type to be selected for each ICS feed. This Event Type can be selected from the list which can be customized by the platform administrators under Admin (the Key icon) > Settings > Custom Values (Lookup).

To get started please feel free to reach out to us at support@campusgroups.com with your ICS links and the desired configuration.

Pushing events from CampusGroups into 25Live

CampusGroups can push the events created in the platform into 25Live. This can also be used to let officers book rooms in 25Live directly from CampusGroups.

To get started please contact us at support@campusgroups.com with the following information:

  • 25Live API user

  • 25Live API password

  • 25Live Event Type (we will be getting the id through the API but need to know which one to use from the Event Type hierarchy)

  • 25Live Event Folder (we will be getting the id through the API but need to know which one to use from the Cabinet/Folder/Events hierarchy)

You may need to contact 25Live for some of this information.

Detailed capabilities

The integration refreshes Space information every 5 minutes from 25Live
  - Only rooms which the 25Live API user is allowed to schedule (using the "can_schedule=T" API filter) are retrieved
  - The room name, formal name and max capacity are retrieved
  - The image associated with the layout of the room is retrieved
  - The Space Partition is used to identify the building of the room. This can be replaced by GPS coordinates provided that two custom attributes named "Latitude" and "Longitude" are made available in 25Live
  - Space Features are retrieved and indexed to use for filtering purposes
  - Spaces which are no longer present in the results returned by 25Live are removed from CampusGroups

Events pushed into 25Live from CampusGroups can be associated to a specific 25Live organization by configuring the 25Live organization ID in the "External Group" setting for the group in CampusGroups

The integration supports automatic matching of the groups in CampusGroups and organizations in 25Live
  - This is disabled by default and can be enabled on request
  - The matching compares the 25Live "organization_name" to the CampusGroups group acronym
  - Groups which match have their 25Live ID saved in the "External Group" field automatically
  - This process does not alter groups in 25Live in any way
  - This process does not automatically create new groups in CampusGroups. Only groups that already exist on both ends will be matched.

The integration may be used to push all events into 25Live or only to push events which use a Space reservation

Officers creating and editing events on the platform may use the integration to book/request rooms in 25Live
  - This process will retrieve the availability status for all rooms in 25Live using the following parameters: Date and times of the event, Requested Setup Time, Requested Breakout Time
  - The list may additionally be filtered using the following filters: Room availability, Room features, Room capacity, Search (against Space name and formal name)

Officers may book multiple rooms for a single occurrence of an event

Officers may use the Recurring Event option to create multiple occurrences of their event. Each occurrence's date will appear as a tab in the Rooms selection window and each occurrence may have its own room selection
  - We also plan on implementing a way to select the same room for all dates easily by December 2020 to simplify the process for recurring events with many occurrences

Clicking on the "Book" button in the Rooms selection window will trigger a request to 25Live instantly to create or update the 25Live event with the following parameters:
  - The CG id of the event is stored in the 25Live alien_uid field
  - Event name (prefixed with [Incomplete] until the event is finalized)
  - Event title (no prefix)
  - Event description
  - Event start date
  - Event end date
  - Organization (provided that this information is available, cf above)
  - Information about the logged in user that requested the room can be stored in a 25Live custom attribute (please provide us the attribute name or id for configuration beforehand)
  - Expected number of attendees
  - Reservation start and end along with setup and takedown duration if any
  - Requested rooms

Saving the event updates the information listed above (and removes the [Incomplete] prefix from the Event name)

When closing the Room selection window or when opening the event form the status of the room request will be retrieved from 25Live (green = confirmed, yellow = pending (tentative or approval process), red = rejected)

Officers may cancel their room request or reservation from the Room selection window
  - This will remove the room or room request from the event in 25Live
  - Additionally if the last room is removed from the event the event is deleted from 25Live

Deleting an event in CampusGroups will cause all room requests and reservations for that event to be removed from 25Live and will delete the event from 25Live

Finally under Admin > More > Rooms > Room Reservations you may find a list of all upcoming room reservations and request from CampusGroups
  - The status of reservations in this list is refreshed from 25Live
  - You can use the Generate Report button to retrieve a spreadsheet of all room reservations with their 25Live status

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