The CampusGroups platform can integrate directly with EMS provided that the API module is provisioned on your EMS instance. Please refer to EMS' documentation page for additional details regarding the licencing requirements.

The integration can support the following scenarios:

  • Importing events from EMS into CampusGroups using customizable filters

  • Integrating EMS room reservation requests within the Event form in CampusGroups

The integration requires you to set up a new API client user with the following settings:

  • do NOT enable the "Everyday User Authentication Required" option

  • the role selected should grant access to all the API routes required for your use cases (see details for each use case below)

To get started please contact us at with the following information:

Importing events from EMS into CampusGroups

CampusGroups can import events from EMS using the EMS API. The following API routes are required for this integration:

  • /clientauthentication [POST]

  • /bookings/actions/search [POST]

The following routes may be required for configuration purposes to support using these specific filters:

  • /buildings [GET] (bookings in selected buildings only)

  • /floors [GET] (bookings on selected floors only)

  • /rooms [GET] (bookings in selected rooms only)

  • /roomtypes [GET] (bookings in rooms with selected room types only)

  • /statuses [GET] (bookings with selected statuses only)

  • /eventtypes [GET] (bookings with selected event types only)

Additionally the following route is required to support the configuration process required to map events into the correct CampusGroups groups. Without this route events would all be imported into a single default group of your choosing instead:

  •  /groups [GET]

Book rooms in EMS from events created in CampusGroups

When creating an event in CampusGroups officers can request a room in EMS. This will only suggest rooms which are available at the selected time based on the information provided by the EMS API.

The EMS integration lets club officers request rooms in EMS directly from CampusGroups using the event editing page as per below:

  • Student begins the event registration process

  • They can choose the following options for location:
      - On Campus
      - Off Campus

  • If they select On Campus they can select the room in a dropdown which only list rooms which EMS reports as available

  • If they select Off Campus they can enter the location

  • The On Campus option triggers a room request into EMS where your office can verify the reservation as needed

The following routes are required to support this use case:

  • /buildings [GET]

  • /clientauthentication [POST]

  • /eventtypes [GET]

  • /groups [GET]

  • /reservations/actions/create [POST]

  • /reservationsources [GET]

  • /rooms [GET]

  • /rooms/actions/availability [POST]

  • /statuses [GET]

  • /timezones [GET]

  • /webtemplates [GET]

  • /webusers/actions/search [POST]

The integration supports the following configuration options:

  • EMS Status: all room reservation requests sent to EMS will be sent with a pre-selected Status

  • EMS Reservation Source: all room reservation requests sent to EMS may include a pre-selected source (eg, a "CampusGroups" source)

  • Groups: you may configure a mapping of groups between CampusGroups and EMS to allow for easier identification of organizations

  • EMS Event Type:
        - A single default event type for all events pushed to EMS
        - A mapping from CampusGroups event types to EMS event types

  • Everyday Users:
        - Use the email or netid from the currently logged in user's CampusGroups profile to find the matching Everyday User in EMS
        - Use a default Everyday User of your choosing
        - Do not use a Everyday User

  • Everyday User Process Templates:
        - Use the same default template for every user
        - Retrieve the list of templates assigned to the Everyday User and display it to the user for selection
        - If no Everyday User is configured or found you may either fallback to a default template or display the full list of templates available to the API Client User

  • Buildings:
        - You may elect to limit the selection of rooms to a specific building
        - A dropdown of all buildings will be shown to the user to filter the list of available rooms otherwise with a "Any building" option
        - This list can either be automatically generated based on the rooms which are available to the Client User or can be pre-configured if necessary (eg, frequently used buildings only)

Using the configuration above, the list of available rooms to display to the user is retrieved from EMS using the following parameters: 

  • Expected number of attendees

  • Event date 

  • Event start time (including selected setup time)

  • Event end time (including selected breakout time)

  • Everyday User (see above)

  • Selected Process Template (if more than one is available, see above)

Once the user makes their selection and saves their event the room reservation request is sent to EMS with the following information:

  • Event type (see configuration above)

  • Event name

  • Selected Process Template

  • Status (see configuration above)

  • Temporary contact (currently logged in user's name)

  • Contact email address (using the currently logged in user's email address)

  • Source (if configured, see configuration above)

  • Group (if configured, see configuration above)

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