CampusGroups calendar can be synchronized with Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar.

  1. Log in to CampusGroups
  2. Click on the home icon in the top menu

   3. Click on More then select My Meetings in the left-side menu

   4. Click on the Calendar Integration button

   5. Select your primary calendar system that you wish to connect (in this example, we are using Google Calendar)

   6. Select which Google account you wish to connecy

   7. Select Allow to give CampusGroups permission to add meetings to your calendar

   8. On your My Meetings page, you will be able to change your calendar settings by clicking on the <Name of your calendar> Settings button

If you have any questions about connecting your personal calendar, please contact us at

If your Office 365 connection requests administrator approval:

Please contact one of your Office 365 administrators (most likely your IT team) and ask them to:

Once this is done, please also try using different web browsers including Firefox and Internet Explorer as it has been reported those worked better when other browsers failed. Once your calendar is connected please feel free to switch back to whichever browser you are most comfortable with (Campusgroups recommend Chrome and Firefox).

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