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Access to group content for users
Access to group content for users

How to navigate to get access to view group information as a user

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CampusGroups has made it easier for you to interact with groups, whether you are a current active member or a student exploring ways to get involved on campus.
All users are now able to access any group's Group Page even if they are not members of the group yet.

Every user will be able to access the group page either through:

  • The Club Signup page, where all links on group titles and pictures redirect to the Group Page.

    searching a group while being a non-member
  • The Group Dropdown in the header, where you can find groups by name.

    searching for a group as a user

As most of the group content is not public, non-members will only be able to access a limited number of pages:

  • About Us 

  • Events

  • Surveys & Forms

  • Officers

    access to About Us, Events, Survey Forms and Officers

  • Officers will be able to manage their visibility to non-members by managing the group by selecting Dashboard then Officers.

The setting previously known as Visible on the Website has been changed to Visible by non-members.

You have the option to hide/show officers on the Website and to hide/show them on the group page to non-members only.

making officers visible to non-members

Please contact with any questions.

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