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Adding tags to your survey/form using survey logic
Adding tags to your survey/form using survey logic

Using survey logic you can create a survey tag based on given answers

Written by Louis Cameron
Updated over a week ago
  • Create your survey 

  • Create the question for which the answer will determine the tag

  • Click Save Changes

First, create the Submitted Answer Tags by exiting your survey/form and clicking on More Tools and then click Tags

  • Scroll down to Submitted Answer Tags

  • Click Create Forms/Surveys Answer Tag

  • Provide a name for the answer tag

  • Click Save

  • Once you have created and saved your answer tag(s), go back to the question you created in the form/survey and click the Logics icon

  • Click Create Logic

Configure the Survey Logic (Using the example below)

  • Set the Logic Type to Submission Tag

  • Select the Question from the dropdown

  • Set the Condition to Is

  • Set the Value to Very Interested

  • Set the Do dropdown to Add Tag to Submission

  • Select the tag(s) to be added

  • Set the Activate Logic to Yes

  • Click Save  

A tag will now appear on that submission.

Please contact with any questions.

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