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Creating Online Events and Meetings
Creating Online Events and Meetings

How Group Officers can set up Events that will take place virtually

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When creating a new Event in CampusGroups, you can choose between three Event Types: On-campus, Off-campus, or Online Only. In some cases, you may be hosting a hybrid Event, in which case you may want to select On-Campus/ Off-Campus and list the in-person location name and also share a Meeting Link for those who will join you virtually.

First, select your location option:

Where section of the Event form
  • In the Where section of the Event Form (section 3), select the Event Type

  • If you select On-Campus or Off-Campus, type in a Location Name. You can also add an optional Address so that the map on the Events page will lead attendees to the correct place

  • For On-Campus and Online Only Events, you will next need to determine Who can see the event location

Next, add a link for virtual attendees:

Create Video Conferencing Link pop up
  • In the Meeting section of the Event Form, you can now click Create Video Conferencing Link and select your preferred app and generate a meeting link

  • Paste your link in the Meeting Link section

  • Select which meeting app you are using in the drop down menu

  • Filter who can see your link to manage your Event's privacy

Please contact with any questions.

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