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Creating Deep Links to Send Users into a CampusGroups App
Creating Deep Links to Send Users into a CampusGroups App

How to create a Deep Link to send users directly into your CampusGroups mobile app

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A Deep Link is a hyperlink that can direct a user into the CampusGroups mobile app when they click the link from their mobile device. Deep Links can be added to emails or web pages where it may be beneficial to direct users directly to the campus app. To format Deep Links, please follow the formatting examples below.

To open different parts of the CampusGroups app:

  • Open the App: novalsys-campusgroups://switch

  • Open an Event: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=event&typeId=[EVENT_ID]

  • Open a Group: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=group&typeId=[GROUP_ID]

  • Open the List of Group Officers: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=officers&typeId=[GROUP_ID]

  • Open a User Profile: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=people&typeId=[USER_ID]

  • Open a WebView: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=webview&url=[URL]

Additional advanced options:

  • Open a specific Feed Post: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=feed&typeId=[POST_ID] 

  • Open the Badges of a User: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=badges&typeId=[USER_ID]

  • Auto Login: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=login&auto_login_url=[AUTO_LOGIN_URL]

If we published a Dedicated Branded Mobile App for your campus, the same Deep Links will work if you replace "campusgroups" in the links above with your campus code. If you do not know your campus code, please reach out to your Campus Success Consultant.

Please contact with any questions.

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