There are ways to open the CampusGroups mobile app (both iOS and Android) when a user clicks a specific link (called "Deep Link") within an email or on a web page, from their mobile phone. You can also open specific contents within the mobile app. 

Here is more information on how to format these links:

Opening the CampusGroups app with deep links:

  • Open the App: novalsys-campusgroups://switch

  • Open an Event: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=event&typeId=[EVENT_ID]

  • Open a Group: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=group&typeId=[GROUP_ID]

  • Open the List of Group Officers: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=officers&typeId=[GROUP_ID]

  • Open a User Profile: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=people&typeId=[USER_ID]

  • Open a Webview: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=webview&url=[URL]


  • Open a Feed Post: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=feed&typeId=[POST_ID] 

  • Open the Badges of a User: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=badges&typeId=[USER_ID]

  • Auto Login: novalsys-campusgroups://switch?type=login&auto_login_url=[AUTO_LOGIN_URL]

If we built a Dedicated Campus Mobile App for your campus, the same Deep Links work. You will simply need to replace "campusgroups" by your campus code (for example, the campus code for Duke University is "duke"). 

If you do not know your campus code, please email our Support Team.

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