To get events from external calendaring platforms into CampusGroups, two options are possible:

1. Provide CampusGroups with ICS links generated from within your other calendaring platform that would list all events that would have to be synced with CampusGroups.

  • This option is the less involved as it will not require any sort of development on your end provided that the calendaring platform has that capability (most do as ICS links are used to get events into Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc.)

  • Each ICS link may have its own configuration for the following CampusGroups event settings:

    - Who can see the Event
    - Event Type
    - Group to import into these events
    - Event organizer
    - Whether registration should be enabled in CampusGroups for the event

Additionally, if you decide to import events with registration enabled, by default, you can manually enable it on a per event basis from within the platform if necessary.

  • Use the CreateUpdateEvent API to create events into CampusGroups using your own logic

  • This option is the most customizable and is often used at schools whose calendar integration logic follows complex rules

  • You may find the API documentation in your CampusGroups site  under Admin > More> API

  • We may also provide a FTPS server in which you can upload API requests in .xml files if that would be simpler for you to use than direct API requests

2. Send events created in CampusGroups to external calendaring platforms:

Use the CampusGroups provided ICS links available at (which you may also reach using the Subscribe button on the main Events page)

Subscribe to Calendars pop-up window
  • ICS links are supported by most calendaring platforms and this should therefore be the less involved option

  • We may also provide you additional links on request to feeds containing only events with specific Event Types, Group Types and/or Event Topics if preferred

  • Use the CampusGroups RSS Events API to import events

  • This is the most customizable option as it lets you write your own logic to determine which events to import and how to import them

  • You may find the API documentation in your CampusGroups site  under Admin > More > API

Please note that the links generated on the ICS page are specific to the user that is currently logged in. You may want to use a logged out browser to retrieve links for the general public.

Please contact with any questions.

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