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Template Training Material for Student Leaders
Template Training Material for Student Leaders

Examples and Resources from Binghamton University

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Binghamton University hosted a training with us in early May 2020. They provided an insightful perspective on student leader training on their campus after switching to CampusGroups.

Binghamton provided us with the materials they created for all of their student leaders so we could repurpose them for use at other universities.

The following materials were created with the intention of customizing them further for your university. Binghamton provided us with many of the materials they created and we rebranded them to CampusGroups.

We purposefully left these documents as .DOCX files so that you can download and customize them to use at your university, or you can simply edit the content and add your campus links and keep the CampusGroups branding.

Download all of the documents here:

Don't forget to check your downloads folder, the file will automatically download.

Or download them separately here:

Officer Transition Checklist

Officer Cheat Sheet

Student Org Transition Checklist

Student Cheat Sheet

Member Management

Marketing Roster Outreach

Setting up a Kiosk

Kiosk Cheat Sheet

Attendance Tracking

Form and Event Features

Service Hours Tracking

Tracks and Checklists

Virtual Events Checklist

Virtual Tools Guide

Please contact with any questions.

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