Please follow the steps below to create and customize your Orientation App:

  1. Create a dedicated group for Orientation (if needed!)
    You might need a dedicated group for your Orientation or use an existing group. We always recommend to create a dedicated group which specializes in Orientation management with dedicated officers, members, and member tags.

  2. Create an event app
    Please follow the steps of this tutorial to create an event app.

  3. Decide which features and content you want for your app
    You can chose from a large selection of features that are all available by dragging and dropping the app menus from the app builder. Building your app menu as early as possible helps you clarify the scope of your orientation app and plan accordingly.

  4. Create an agenda with sessions and tracks (including Track access rights)
    Please follow the steps of this tutorial to create an agenda.

  5. Create speakers and assign them to sessions
    Please see our article on how to upload speakers.

  6. Create a campus resources menu with sub-menus (e.g., custom lists, links to campus systems)
    Read our article one creating about custom lists.

  7. Develop a Checklist if requirements for incoming students
    Learn how to create a Checklist

  8. Setup a Connection program to facilitate one-on-one meetings
    Learn more about how to create a Connection Program.

  9. Pre-create group chats based on cohorts
    Download the Excel upload template to easily create group chats.

  10. Create automated welcome messages via Chat
    Read our tutorial on how to send automated welcome messages

  11. Create a Social Media menu with each media being a sub-menu

  12. Create a Campus Map section with links to your existing web or google maps, or by uploading a PDF of an image

  13. Gain valuable feedback by creating surveys and polls

  14. Set Notifications to be sent at specific times to all or a subset of your attendees

  15. Upload your attendance with member tags which will allow you to assign them to specific Tracks or Checklist items

Please contact with any questions.


Below please find some top Q&A from administrators at our webinar on Faciliting Virtual Orientation with CampusGroups.

Q: How much assistance is available from CampusGroups staff to customize?

A: We have community webinars available to your team multiple times per week, as well as videos and tutorials available in the User Community. You can email support directly and as always, if you would like to purchase custom live trainings, we have additional service packages available.

Q: If most Orientation events are only open to First Years and their family members, do you recommend we create a group for First Years and build the Orientation events within it?

A: The app should live in either a group for the Orientation or Program office, assigning users by account type or via member tags, or by creating a group for the incoming class. Class groups can be useful to create a community within a class throughout their programs but are not required to have an orientation app.

Q: How long does it take to build or the lead time create this virtual orientation site?

A: Campuses who already use CampusGroups are going to have a quicker turnaround time. We estimate anywhere from 1-3 weeks or more depending on the level of complexity within your orientation set up. Campuses who do not already use CampusGroups can estimate anywhere from 2-8 weeks for set up.

Q: How much time/person hours would you suggest we budget to build a new Orientation app from start to finish, if we are already working with CG?

A: The amount of time put into the app is dependent on the complexity of your program and how much pre-existing content you have. A simple orientation app can be built in a couple of days, whereas a more complex program or one that does not have a lot of pre-existing content to re-create or link to could take 3-4 weeks to build an internal website homepage, new orientation checklist, and/or Connection Program. Choosing to upload your sessions is a step that will save a great deal of time over adding them manually.

Q: How does virtual orientation work with international students? Will they need a VPN if accessing it from outside of the United States?

A: We have universities using CampusGroups all over the world, so there shouldn’t be any issues with your International students logging in outside of the United States.

Q: Can we push out the desktop and app in one? Same content?

A: Yes, it is all the same functionality in two formats: web and mobile app.

Q: This title is called Virtual Orientation but could this be customizable and retitled "RA Training" and used in a similar manner?

A: The name of the event is tied to the name of the module. So if your event is named “RA Training” then your module would be called “RA Training”.

Q: What if we want 5-10 Orientation Event Apps instances for our campus - 1 for undergrad college and the various Graduate/Professional schools, since all orientations are separate? Can we do that?

A: Absolutely, pricing is based per event so this would be possible.

Q: Is there a way to have a page with thumbnail videos (e.g. student groups) so students can click on each video they'd like to see?

A: We have multiple ways you can include videos on your page. Our website builder gives you the option to add video widgets to a webpage -- you can include this page in your orientation page or you can use the videos page from your group page as well. You can also include videos directly within the Tracks or Checklist so there are multiple ways you can include video content.

Q: Does the event app/orientation app come with the web view. Or is the web view a separate expense/purchase?

A: The web view comes bundled with the orientation app. It is one system so it can be viewed from the desktop or mobile simultaneously.

Q: Is there a way to have several chat groups open simultaneously? I'm thinking about a virtual club fair and having open rooms that students can hop into if they have interest in learning more.

A: Chat groups work like instant messaging group chats where a student can be a part of multiple chats at once and swap between them within the app. In regard to a virtual club fair we are releasing a dedicated virtual club fair feature! Please feel free to contact us to learn more about this feature.

Q: Could people in different programs (such as Business students) have a separate Orientation App than others (e.g., PhD or undergraduate students)?

A: If there are no overlapping contact points, it can be great to set up a separate orientation app per program as all of the content and communications will be specific to that group. However, you can also create separation via Tracks in the Schedule and by setting Access levels to certain elements only to students in a specific program.

Q: Aside from your documentation and help files, will there be new instructional admin files for Orientation tools?

In addition to this help article on How To Set Up Your Orientation App, we offer Training webinars on the Orientation app which are a great way to learn more and ask questions about designing your orientation programming. Feel free to browse and register for one of our Trainings at our upcoming events listing. (If you are not able to attend a session, recordings of these Trainings will also be added to our library of video resources available in the User Community.)

And, as always, please feel welcome to reach out to your Customer Success Associate directly at any time!

Q: Is Cohort a User Tag?

A: That is a great way to assign and utilize User Tags, but schedule Tracks can be based on other criteria, including Account Type and Member Tags.

Q: How can we generate the orientation web app link? Do we need to go into the App builder to generate that link?

A: The link can be obtained by going to the web view in the app builder and sharing that link.

Q: Do you offer the event app for an extra fee for those who haven't activated it already?

A: Yes, you can add it on at any time!

Please feel welcome to reach out to your Customer Success Associate with any questions you have about creating, managing and optimizing your Orientation app!

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