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Customize Homepage Full-Width Banner
Customize Homepage Full-Width Banner

How to create and customize your homepage full-width banner as an Admin

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Creating a full-width banner on your CampusGroups homepage can be a fun and dynamic way to add to the user experience of your event, orientation, or simply to welcome your students to your platform.


Before you get started please create a graphic that has the right image dimension and specification. Check out the CampusGroups Image Sizing Guide to learn more.

Once the graphic is created, you will need to do the following to add your banner to your homepage.

  • Select the Customize button while logged in as an administrator

    select are to create banner
  • Select the button area where you would like to add the banner

    select content box to image tab to add your image
  • Select Content Box (HTML) as your Widget Type and Select the Image Info tab

  • Set the width to 100%, delete any numbers from the height, and lock the ratio

    view the image info tab and make sure width is 100%
  • Select the Upload tab

  • Choose your file

    choose an image to upload
  • Select the Image Info tab

  • Check that your width/height settings haven't changed, wait for the preview image to load.

  • Select OK

    image preview
  • After uploading your image your cursor will still be on the same line as the image, press enter/return to return it to a new line. This will reset the spacing below the image.

    image preview after adding space
  • To make the image clickable select your image Click on the hyperlink button

    adding a url to your image
  • Paste in a URL

  • Press OK

    insert your url to image
  • Set Use Premade Box to No

  • Select Save

    turning Premade box to off
  • Select Save Customization

    saving all your customization of homepage

Please contact with any questions.

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