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Sample email inviting group leaders to your Virtual Fair
Sample email inviting group leaders to your Virtual Fair
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As part of the process of building your Virtual Fair, you will need to send a message to your club leaders or other main contacts to invite them to build out their booths. This sample email can serve as a starting point for your communications.

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that this year’s [name of] fair will be moving to a virtual format and taking place entirely on CampusGroups! Here’s a preview of what the fair will look like:

You have until [date] to go into the fair, set up your booth, and activate it in order to be included in the fair. Here’s how you can access your booth:

From your group Dashboard, go to More Tools > Virtual Fairs, then click on the Booth Settings button on the listing for this fair. Check out this video to see how to build your booth. (Also available here for those unable to view the first link).

Start adding content! Help prospective members get to know about your organization. Plus, the more content you add, the higher on the list of groups you will appear when filtered by “Most Active” and the more interest you can earn. The types of content include:

  • General Info: Add a slogan, share what you’re all about, and select if you want students to join your mailing list (by becoming a Contact). Select relevant Interests, Industries, and/or Sports so that students who have the same choices will be matched with your group and it will show up for them in a list of Suggested Groups. Pro tip: If you want people to join your club as a full member right away, add your group’s QR code (found on your Dashboard) to the content in the box labeled “Present your group in a few words”

  • Communications: Select if you want to participate in a Group Chat (single room where all participants can see all messages sent during the fair - great for Q&A!) and/or 1-on-1 Chat (assigned on a rotating basis) with interested students, and which officers will be taking part in each chat. Add a link to a live video session where you can meet face-to-face.

  • Media: Make your booth stand out with officer introductions, images and videos from past events, include a link(s) to your website (make sure it’s up to date!), and upload documents.

When you’re ready, make sure to select to Activate Booth in order for it to show up in the fair.

The fair will be available to new students from [dates of fair] to explore on their own, but the fair will be “live” during the following times:

  • Date/time 1

  • Date/time 2

During these “live” times, it is expected that your group will have active representation from your club by participating in the chats and/or setting up a video meeting room where you can meet face-to-face.

After the fair, you will be able to see everyone who clicked the “I’m Interested” button for your group by going to your Members list, Contacts, then filtering by the Member Tag with the name of the fair to follow up with more information about joining the group and your upcoming planned meetings and events.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair!

Please contact with any questions.

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