Here is all the information you need on how much storage space each community and each group has, to upload photos and documents:

  • Community-wide storage space: 2GB x Number of Groups is the maximum disk space that a given community can use. For example, for a campus with 200 groups their maximum total storage would be 400GB shared across all groups and users.

  • Group storage space: On top of the community-wide storage space limit, each group also has its own storage limit, which is by default 2GB per group. In other words, a single group cannot upload more than 2GB worth of files in their Files section.

  • This limit can be increased for all groups in the community settings, under Admin > Settings > Storage (by community administrators), or on a per group basis in the group Settings > Advanced > Group space limit (by the CampusGroups Support team only). For example, setting a campus-wide limit to 20GB would allow all groups to store 10 times more files in their Files section (at the risk of them hitting the community-wide limit causing a full block of all uploads on their platform, if a tenth of the groups go up to their quota)

Can you increase the community-wide storage limit?

  • Yes. You can increase that limit by upgrading your account. Please contact your dedicated Customer Success Associate and they will take care of it rapidly (you will receive a pro-rated invoice, that can be attached to your next billing cycle if necessary).

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