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Duplicate To-Do List Items from one Event to Another Event
Duplicate To-Do List Items from one Event to Another Event

How to duplicate To-Do list items from one event to another event

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To-Do list items on an Event can manually be duplicated to new Event. Additionally, when an event is duplicated, the To-Do list items from the original event will copy over to the new event by default. To manually duplicate To-Do list items, follow the steps below.

  • Click the Admin button on the top navigation bar, and then click on Events in the sidebar menu

  • Locate the Event with the To-Do list items you wish to duplicate, and select the More icon top open a list of options and click To Do

Screenshot showing the To Do menu item
  • On the To Do page, select all tasks that need to be duplicated, and then click the Duplicate To Do button. A popup screen will appear that will allow you to select the Event you wish to have the To Do list item(s) transferred to. After selecting the Event, select Submit

Screenshot showing where the Duplicate and Submit buttons are located

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