If your institution has purchased a dedicated campus mobile app, your institution also needs to be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program. This will allow CampusGroups to publish your iOS app. If your institution is not already enrolled, please enroll in the Apple Developer Program as an Organization. You will first need to create an Apple ID with two-factor authentication activated.

Detailed information that you need to know before enrollment can be found at Apple's Help Center.

  • Be sure to select entity type “Accredited Educational Institution”

  • Look up your DUNS number or request it during the set-up process

  • Pay the 99 USD annual fee or request a fee waiver

    • Nonprofit organizations, accredited educational institutions, and government entities can request a fee waiver

Once your institution is enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, please add CampusGroups Support (support@campusgroups.com) as a user to your Developer Account. Once your app is published, access will need to be limited so the CampusGroups Support account only has access to the dedicated campus app.

Please contact support@campusgroups.com with any questions.

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