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Using Binding Fields Through a Surveys/Forms
Using Binding Fields Through a Surveys/Forms

Form binding type questions help you pull in data submitted from an Approval Process

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Binding Fields can help streamline your Approval Process and Form Submissions by retrieving information already entered the Approval Process Form.

Binding Fields will only collect data from Forms/Surveys that are connected to a Approval Process configuration.

To apply Binding Fields to your Approval Form/Survey navigate to the Form > Settings > Field Binding tab, select your Approval type, and click Save.

Once this is configured in Settings, you will be able to add Binding Field questions to your Survey.

Creating a Binding Field Question

To set up a Binding Field question, you will first need to Create and Save the question.

After you have saved the question, you will need to Edit and include the Field you want to pull.

Add the Binding Field Response

You can add this field by Editing the question, clicking Advanced at the bottom of the question information, scrolling down to the ADVANCED - BINDING FIELD section of the Advanced box, selecting your field, and clicking Save.

Applying Logic to Binding Field Questions

You can apply logics to these questions similar to any other question in the form. For example, if you need to apply a Submitter Tag to a form submission based on the Room ID, once your binding field is set up you can complete the logic setup and the values for the question will automatically populate with what is in your system.

Binding data will be automatically included in the form output when completing the Event Registration attached form, and when viewing the attached form’s submission

Please contact with any questions.

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