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CampusGroups Mobile UI Update 2022
CampusGroups Mobile UI Update 2022

A list of the enhancements seen when a campus switches from the original interface to the new interface for the mobile app.

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In July of 2021, we announced an update to the CampusGroups mobile app. We are working on transitioning campuses to the newly updated user interface. Once your campus is changed over, you will see the changes listed below.


  • The Groups menu shows up in a list format based on which Groups have been most recently updated

  • There is a note under each Group name stating the number of upcoming Events

Screenshot of app with the Groups page opened to My Groups
  • Once a User clicks Discover More Groups, they are brought to a page that allows them to search by Category. These Categories are based on the Group Tags set by campus administrators

  • The Discover Groups page also allows Users to filter their search by All Groups, Suggested Groups, Popular Groups, New Groups, and Group Type

  • The Discover Groups page includes a Join button for each Group

Screenshot of Discover Groups page from the app
  • Group Pages look more like the Group Page on the web version. You can now view upcoming Events, Members, Officers, Photos, and Feed Channels


  • The Events list can be sorted by Group, Group Type, Event Type, Event Tags, Upcoming Events, Popular Events, and New Events

  • You can invite connections to an Event

  • The My Events page has a new layout that shows Events I Manage, Events I'm Attending, Events I'm Interested in, Upcoming Events, and Events I Attended


  • The Directory button brings Users to a list of their connections instead of all listing all Users alphabetically

  • The Suggestions page suggests Users in a variety of categories: People you may know, People in your groups, and People with similar interests

New- Add a Discover Page

  • Administrators can add a Discover page that will help Users search and discover content. This will show a Join button for Groups, allow Users to Connect with others, and recommend upcoming Events

Screenshot of Discover page showing people you may know and events you might like
Screenshot of Discover page showing Groups

New- Add a Campus Safety Button

  • Administrators can add a Campus Safety button that will allow them to add information about their Campus Safety team including a phone number for emergency situations

Screenshot of campus safety page from the app

Please contact with any questions.

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