Creating a Parent Event

How to create and mange a parent event as an officer or admin.

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Every group officer or admin have the capability to manage their event(s) within their platforms. Whether it is creating a single event or recurring event. Some may be responsible in planning Parent and Family Weekend, New Student Orientation, or a Conference. To keeps events, organize and easy to register for, you can utilize the Parent Event feature.

A Parent Event is the main, overarching event for other events in the platform. When attaching events to a Parent Event, the user will see the parent event with an agenda listing the events associated with it. The users will have the opportunity to register for each event individually. Only the Parent Event shows up on the calendar.

To begin creating a parent event you will need to :

  • Manage your group

  • Click Events

  • Populate the required information

  • When populating your Start Date and End Date, you will need to make the main event lasts the duration of all your events that will connected. For example, if you have a conference/summit that last a week with multiple sessions, you will need to make the Start and End date display the duration of the week

  • Click Save

  • Once you create the main event, you will now need to create all your events that will be associated with the Parent Event. When creating your other events, you will need to go to Advanced Options

  • Go to Parent Event and choose the main event you want your current event to be associated with

  • Click Create Event

  • Now you will be able to view your Parent Event and the events that are associated with the parent event on the calendar

  • When clicking on the Parent Event, you will also be able to see the agenda of all of the events connected.

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