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Manage your User and Field Permissions
Manage your User and Field Permissions

Learn how to manage specific user permissions function and field permissions with the platform

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As an Administrator of your CampusGroups platform, you have the capability to manage permissions/privacy of the user experience.

The first important permissions/privacy setting is User Permissions. This gives you the function to restrict certain types of users from accessing certain contents on the platform. You can navigate this by doing the following:

  • Go to Admin

  • Settings on the Left Menu Bar

  • User Permissions Settings

    User Permissions Settings
  • You can then decide what access a specific users account types CAN and CANNOT have within the platform.

The second permissions/privacy setting is Field Permissions. This function allows you to make certain users fields read-only, hidden from your profile page or hide form other users by default. You can navigate this by doing the following:

  • Go to Admin Key

  • Settings

  • Field Permissions

    Field Permissions Settings
  • Select the fields you would like to make read-only, or hide from the Profile (and Edit Profile) page, or hide from other users by default:

    • Read-Only Fields (users can see but cannot edit these fields)

    • Hidden Fields (users cannot see these fields on their Profile and Edit Profile pages)

    • Default Privacy Settings (each time a new user is created, the selected data fields below will bet set to "Hidden")

      Field Permissions settings

Example Profile Page with selected Field Permissions

Edit Profile Settings Example
  • You also have the capabilities to select the fields you would like to manage read only on the Group Settings Page:

    Selecting Group Setting Permissions

Example of Group Settings with field permission restrictions

Group Setting Permissions Example

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