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Setting Up Transact Payments (CASHNet)
Setting Up Transact Payments (CASHNet)

Information required to configure payment processing via Transact Payments (formerly CASHNet)

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The Transact Payments integration with CampusGroups supports configuring multiple Transact stores. This can be done at the instance level, the group type level, and the individual group level.

  • When a transaction occurs the integration determines which Transact store to use using the group match first, then the group type if no group match was found and finally the instance level store if no group type match was found

  • If no store match is found (for instance if no instance level store is configured and a specific group and its group type don't have a matching store) an error will occur and the transaction will be cancelled

  • Otherwise the user is forward to the Transact store to complete their payment

For a Transact store to be usable with the integration the following conditions must be met and the required information sent to

  • The Digest functionality in Transact must be enabled using HMAC-SHA1. The shared secret key provided by Transact must then be securely provided to our team

  • Payment notifications should be configured to be sent to https://[yourcampusgroupsurl]/payment_confirmation using either the HTTP Notifications method or the Online Extract (aka Post) method

  • Users completing their payment should be returned to https://[yourcampusgroupsurl]/rsvp_paypal_confirm - this will be overwritten by the value sent in the "signouturl" parameter through the integration

  • Create a new Item Code such as "123-CG" for that store which will be used for all event transactions originating from the CampusGroups platform. Additionally create Item Code starting the same as the new code and ending with an increasing number starting from 1 to at least 15 (eg "123-CG1", "123-CG2", "123-CG3", etc.) This will be used for membership dues transactions originating from the platform so you may want to create more than 15 if users are likely to be joining more than 15 groups with membership dues at once.

  • Each Group in CampusGroups which should be able to use the integration will need the appropriate Transact GL code to be filled in into the payment account field (which may be named "Paypal Account" before the Transact integration is enabled on your instance and will automatically switch to "CashNet G/L" after it is enabled)

  • Create the following reference types in Transact:

    • "CARTNUM"

    • "Gl_Str"

    • "Item_Qty"

    • "Price_Each"

    • "Item_Name"

    • "CG_USERID"

    • "CG_FNAME"

    • "CG_LNAME"

Once you have completed the configuration of the stores you will be using, please send the full list of stores to configure, each with:

  • Store URL

  • Digest secret key

  • Item code prefix

  • The association for each store (e.g. whole instance, Group Type(s), or individual Group(s))

Please contact with any questions.

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