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Setting up RSVP at the Door

Allowing Non-Registered Guests to be Checked-In during an Event

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Make attending an Event even easier by allowing non-registered guests to be Checked-In at the start of an event, rather than needing to have a prior registration in place.

  1. Log in to CampusGroups

  2. Manage your Group

  3. Click on Events

  4. Create a new Event or Edit an existing Event

  5. Under Section 8 > Advanced Options open the Attendance tracking options panel

  6. There are multiple Attendance Tracking options available under Advanced Options :

    • Activate Multiple Check-Ins: Applies a new Ticket Registration to the attendees list each time a user is checked-in.

    • Activate Self Check-Out: Allows users to Check-Out of an Event by scanning a QR code or from the Kiosk.

    • Activate RSVP at the door: Allows non-registered guests to be Checked-In (for Events which fit RSVP at the door criteria below).

    • Check-In Notification: Sends a notification email to the user when they get checked-in.

    • Check-In Method for the Kiosk

    • Prevent rapid multiple check-ins

RSVP at the door will work with all Attendance Tracking options.

7. For RSVP at the door to both register and check-in attendees, the Event and Registration Options will need to have specific configurations.

Event Settings:

  • Do you want to let people register to this event? must be set to Yes

  • Registration does not have Open/Close Dates

  • No Maximum number of tickets per person

  • Event is not Closed

  • No Questions/Timeslots

  • No redirect URL after Registration

  • No attached waiver

Create ONE Registration option:

  • No set Quantity limit

  • Allow Waiting List is set to No

  • No Minimum/Maximum per order

  • No Start/End Sales Dates

Events that do not meet this criteria will not be able to use RSVP at the door without first Registering users.

Additional information about these functions can be found in the Event Creation page using the information icons.

Please contact with any questions

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