1. Log in to CampusGroups.
  2. Click on your profile photo in the top right corner and then 'My Meetings'.

3. In order to create Meeting links, you first need to synchronize your CampusGroups account with either Officer365 Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar. This is how to check your availabilities in real time. 

Click on 'Calendar Integration'.

4. Select your primary Calendar system (in this example, we will use Google Calendar).

5. Select which Google account you wish to synchronize with.

6. Click on 'Allow'. This will allow CampusGroups to add meetings to your calendar.

7. Select the Calendar(s) you wish to check your availability against (it could be just 1 calendar or several calendars).

7. Click on 'Save'. You're now ready to create your first Meeting link!
8. Click on 'Create Meeting'.

9. Fill out the form for your meetings:

  • Meeting name: only you will see that name
  • Meeting introduction: the sentence located on top of your Meeting page
  • Meeting link: you can choose what will be written at the end of your meeting link. For example, you can write 30 for 30-minutes meetings
  • Location: will be passed to Office365 or Google Calendar as the Location of your meeting
  • Invite description: will be passed to Office365 or Google Calendar as the Description of your meeting
  • Duration: this is the duration of your meeting
  • Minimum notice (in minutes): this allows you to only display available time slots which are a minimum of x minutes in the future
  • Buffer: this allows you to create a buffer between multiple back to back meetings, to give you time to move from meeting to meeting
  • Time zone: very important one, choose your time zone carefully to match your current location.

10. Click on 'Save'.
11. Now, please specify which weekdays you are available and from what time to what time. You can specify several available time windows on the same weekday. Click on 'Add Availability' to get started.

12. Complete the form and click on "Save & Create Next" to create the same availability on the following weekday.

8. Do the same for all days of the week, then click on 'Save & Close'. Your available time slots are now live and displayed on your meeting page.

9. You're all set up! You can now share your Meeting link with anyone, and they will be able to browse the calendar, find an adequate time slot, and book directly from the Meeting page.

10. Once a meeting is booked, both you and the other person will receive email notifications from Google Calendar or Office365. The meeting will be added to both your calendars automatically.

11. If you need to cancel a meeting, cancel it directly from your personal calendar and both parties will be notified.

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