1. Log in to CampusGroups. 

  2.  Click on 'Admin' on the top menu

  3. Under the 'Users' menu, click on 'Upload Users'

  4. Download the MS Excel contact file template and enter the students in the downloaded file (follow the guidelines on the screen). Don't rename the worksheet containing the data; keep the same file name.
    Select your MS Excel contact file by clicking "Browse" and upload it by clicking on "Upload members".
    Note: If your file is not formatted properly, an error will occur. Please review your file or send it to our Support Team at support@campusgroups.com along with your school in the title of your email.
    Attention: please make sure you always have the latest Excel Template file.

  5. Once your file has been successfully uploaded the list of new students will be displayed.

  • Some might already be added to the platform and won't be uploaded again.

  • Choose whether or not to send a notification email to all newly added students by checking the notification box displayed below. This notification will contain a Login and Password so that your new students can log in to their CampusGroups account

  6. Click on "Upload" to complete.

  1. Don't modify Worksheet name in your Excel file.

  2. Don't modify or move Columns.

  3. Don't leave any orange Columns blank.

  4. Don't change Gender Syntax, i.e. keep it Male / Female (no abbreviations).

  5. Don't put any other Student Type than the proposed ones.

Don't skip the guidelines displayed on the import Page to make sure your Import is successful, thank you!

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