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Importing New Users to CampusGroups
Importing New Users to CampusGroups

How Admins can bulk upload Users to the platform

Written by CG Vendors
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Administrators can download our spreadsheet to do a mass upload of Users and their data by following the instructions below.

  • Click the Admin button on the top bar

Sidebar with Users and Upload Users highlighted
  • Click Users, then Upload Users in the sidebar

  • Download the Excel template and follow the instructions to fill it out correctly. Be sure to keep the same file name and format. Moving columns or renaming the file will cause issues when re-uploading. Attention: please make sure you always have the latest Excel Template file

  • Once you are finished, you can re-upload the Excel file and preview it

Upload Users Page
  • If you would like to notify all new Users, check the box provided. This notification will contain a Login and Password so that your new students can log in to their CampusGroups account

  • Click Upload to complete

Preview page with notification and upload buttons highlighted

Please contact with any questions.

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