Many times, a deactivated User will need access to the platform again because they have returned to your community. In these cases, an Administrator can reactivate their old account so their data is restored and they can begin using CampusGroups again.

  • Click the Admin button on the top bar

Sidebar menu with Users and Deactivated highlighted
  • Click the Users menu option in the sidebar, then select Deactivated in the dropdown menu

  • Search for the appropriate user and click the three dot menu associated with their profile

  • Click Reactivate

Deactivated Users page set up to reactivate one User
  • If you would like to bulk reactivate Users, you can select multiple Users and click the three dot menu at the top of the main content area and then click Reactivate

Deactivated User page set up to reactivate multiple Users

Please contact with any questions.

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