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Sending Targeted Emails Across Campus
Sending Targeted Emails Across Campus

How Administrators can select Users and send Emails from the platform

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When an Administrator needs to send an Email to multiple Users across the campus community, they can select the appropriate Users from the User page and send targeted messaging.

  • Click the Admin button on the top bar

Users page with filter options highlighted
  • Click Users in the sidebar, then select Active in the dropdown menu

  • Find the correct Users using the filters along the top bar of the main content area. You can search for by Account Type, Graduation Year, Tags, and more

  • Alternatively, you can click Paste List above the filters and paste emails or NetIds for the appropriate Users

Users page with checkbox to select all highlighted
  • Once you have the correct audience represented, click the checkbox at the top of the main content area to select all Users

  • Click the Send Email button

Users page with Send Email button highlighted
  • The system will then guide you through the steps of selecting a Group to send them Email from and creating the Email

Please contact with any questions.

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