As an Administrator, you can upload multiple user accounts at a time. This is a powerful tool at your disposal but requires careful handling. To access our user upload template, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to Admin key, Users tab on the left menu, Upload User

  • Download the Excel template and follow provided instructions

    Instructions on how to upload users

Tips to follow:

  • Ensure the file is in an .XLS format

  • Ensure you are using the given table name

  • Keep fields as is - do not modify or move fields

  • Populate ALL orange fields

    Excel Spreadsheet fields and instructions
  • Keep gender syntax consistent (i.e., no abbreviations - keep it male/female)

  • Match the proposed account types (e.g., Student, Staff)

  • Read the guidelines displayed on the import page

    Uploading your file on platform
  • This is the best way to make sure your import will be successful!

Please contact with any questions.

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