1. Login to CampusGroups
   2. Manage your group
   3. Click on Emails then Sent 

   4. Click on "Compose Email".

   5. Compose an email using the new email builder
   6. Proceed to the Design step

   7. Drag the Image element from the right-side element bank

   8. Click on the Add Image box

   9. Click on the Upload button

   10. A link can be input into the Link URL box. 

When an email recipient clicks the image, they will be brought to the link.

   11. If the image can not be loaded in the email, the text you input into the Image alt box will be displayed instead.

   12. When you are done configuring your image, click Save

The image will now be embedded within the email

Please contact support@campusgroups.com with any questions.

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