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Getting Started with the Hub Builder
Getting Started with the Hub Builder

An overview of the Hub Builder

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The Hub Builder allows you to easily build a customized hub to suit the needs of any events or campuses. There are two types of Hubs: The Community Hub and the Event Hub. The Community Hub is unique and cannot be created by users. An Event Hub can be created by an officer for any event.

Using the Hub Builder

  • Manage your Group

  • Click on More Tools and then Hubs to view all of the group's Hubs

  • Manage a Hub

Screenshot showing how to manage a Hub
  • Each Hub has three areas: Dashboard, Features, and Settings

Screenshot showing areas of Hubs: Dashboard, Features, and Settings
  • Click on the Dashboard button to view an overview of the Hub, including Feature Usage data and a flyer you can use to help promote the Hub to users

    Screenshot showing the Dashboard and the Promote and Feature Usage buttons

  • Click on the Features button to view the available features for the Hub Builder, and review our dedicated tutorial that covers the Hub Builder's features

Screenshot showing Features page of the Hub Builder
  • Click on the Settings button to view the settings pop-up page, and review our dedicated tutorial for an overview of the Hub Builder's Settings

    Screenshot showing Settings tab for Hub

  • Event Hubs also have an additional option, Event Details, which allows you to input basic information about the Parent Event for the Event Hub

Screenshot showing Event Details button
Screenshot showing Event Details page
  • For more information on creating a new Event Hub, please see our dedicated tutorial that covers creating an Event Hub

Please contact with any questions.

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