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Hub Builder Features Overview
Hub Builder Features Overview

An overview of the various Features within the Hub Builder

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The Hub Builder offers many different features that can easily be dragged and dropped in your Hub.

  • Manage your Group

  • Click on More Tools and then Hubs

  • Manage a Hub

Screenshot showing how to manage a hub
  • The Hub Builder allows you to view the design of your Hub on different devices

    • Click on the Phone button right under "Features" and select the appropriate device.

Screenshot showing where users can click to change the display of the phone screen
  • To add a Feature to your Hub, simply drag and drop it in the Hub on the mobile device screen

    • You will notice that some Features are unique like "Activity Feeds" or "Logout" and can only be added once, whereas other can be added to the Hub multiple times like "Group of Menus" or "Custom List"

Screenshot showing drag and drop capability for adding in features to Hub
  • Features can be customized after they are added to a Hub

    • This includes customizing the Feature's name, icon, color, and setting who will have access to the Feature

Screenshot showing Feature customization options
  • Once a Feature has been added to the Hub menu, it can be reordered using the same drag and drop method until it is placed where it belongs

Screenshot showing drag and drop to reorder Features in Hub menu
  • To Edit a Feature or Delete it from a Hub menu, hover over the Feature and locate the pencil icon and trash can icon

    • Click the pencil icon to edit a Feature

    • Click the trash can icon to delete the Feature from the Hub menu

Screenshot showing pencil icon and trash icon

Important Features

  • The Settings feature is only available to Administrators, and grants access to many different Hub settings

  • The Web View feature makes it possible to add any website link to the Hub menu for easy redirection to popular sites for users

Screenshot showing settings for the web view feature where a user can add a direct URL to outside page
  • The Custom List feature allows users to provide information in a list format, such as an FAQ or To Do list

  • The Tracks feature (Event Hub only) allows users to create sub-events within an Event, allowing event attendees to see a customized list

    • Example:

      • An Event has a different programs for each student type (MBA, Alumni, Undergraduates, etc.), and each student type can have a designated Track with intended Sessions

      • To learn how to add Sessions to a Track, please view our tutorial here

Please contact with any questions.

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