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How to create and edit Custom Values
How to create and edit Custom Values
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Administrators can create/edit their platform's Custom Values.
To do so, please follow the steps below.

  1. Log in on CampusGroups.

  2. Click on "Admin" (key icon in the top menu).

   3. Click on "Custom Values (Lookup)" under "Settings" on the left-side menu.

   4. You can then create any Custom Value by clicking the "Create custom Value" button.

   5. Select the type of custom Value in the "Name" dropdown and add a name in the "Value" field.

   6. You will be able to find and edit/delete all of your platform's customizable Custom Values in the listing.

   7. When deleting a Custom Value, you will have to choose which other custom value will inherit the items attached to the former.

  8. Finally, Administrators can now create multiple Custom Values at a time.
To do so, click on any "Create value" button and click on "Create Multiple custom Values" to the right.

You will then need to paste a comma/line-separated list of Custom values.
Click on "Apply" when you are done.

Note that you will then have to assign a type to these values.

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