CampusGroups allows you to use many different Payment Gateways:

Information required for PayPal:

  • PayPal Account (email address) (Can use one per group)

Information required for Touchnet:

  • TLink URL

  • UPay URL

  • UPay ID

Information required for Braintree:

  • Merchant ID

  • Account Merchant ID (Can use one per group if preferred)

  • Public Key

  • Private Key

Information required for CyberSource:

  • Profile ID

  • Access Key

  • Secret Key

Information required for Authorize.Net: 

  • API Login ID (available under API Credentials & Keys)

  • Signature Key  (available under API Credentials & Keys)

  • Under Response/Receipt URLs add "https://[your_cg_url]/payment_confirmation" as the Default Relay Response URL (where [your_cg_url] is your CampusGroups url, eg or 

Information required for SecurePay:

  • Merchant Code (at least one required, may use one per group if preferred)

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

Please feel free to get in touch with CampusGroups support at to start a Gateway implementation.

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