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Payment Gateways available on CampusGroups
Payment Gateways available on CampusGroups
Written by Louis Cameron
Updated over a week ago

CampusGroups allows you to use many different Payment Gateways:

Information required for PayPal:

  • PayPal Account (email address) (Can use one per group)

Information required for Touchnet:

  • TLink URL

  • UPay URL

  • UPay ID

Information required for Braintree:

  • Merchant ID

  • Account Merchant ID (Can use one per group if preferred)

  • Public Key

  • Private Key

Information required for CyberSource:

  • Profile ID

  • Access Key

  • Secret Key

Information required for Authorize.Net: 

  • API Login ID (available under API Credentials & Keys)

  • Signature Key  (available under API Credentials & Keys)

  • Under Response/Receipt URLs add "https://[your_cg_url]/payment_confirmation" as the Default Relay Response URL (where [your_cg_url] is your CampusGroups url, eg or 

Information required for SecurePay:

  • Merchant Code (at least one required, may use one per group if preferred)

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

Information required for CASHNet:

  • We will need you to enable the Digest functionality in CashNet using HMAC-SHA1 and to then provide us with the shared secret key CashNet will provide you

  • Payment notifications should be configured to be sent to https://[your_campusgroups_url]/payment_confirmation using either the HTTP Notifications method or the Online Extract (aka Post) method.

  • Users completing their payment should be returned to https://[your_campusgroups_url]/rsvp_paypal_confirm though this will be overwritten by the value sent in the "signouturl" parameter through the integration.

  • Create a new Item Code such as "123-CG" for that store which will be used for all event transactions originating from the CampusGroups platform. Additionally create Item Code starting the same as the new code and ending with an increasing number starting from 1, eg "123-CG1", "123-CG2", "123-CG3", etc up to at least 15 (this will be used for membership dues transactions originating from the platform so you may want to create more than 15 if users are likely to be joining more than 15 groups with membership dues at once)

  • Each CG Group which should be able to use the CashNet integration will need the appropriate CashNet GL code to be filled in into the payment account field (which currently is named Paypal Account since this is the currently configured integration)

  • Create the following reference types in Cashnet:

    • "CARTNUM"

    • "Gl_Str"

    • "Item_Qty"

    • "Price_Each"

    • "Item_Name"

    • "CG_USERID"

    • "CG_FNAME"

    • "CG_LNAME"

Please feel free to get in touch with CampusGroups support at to start a Gateway implementation.

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