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Adding a Custom Unsubscribe Message
Adding a Custom Unsubscribe Message

How to customize the default unsubscribe message

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Every CampusGroups email ends with an unsubscribe option. School Administrators can create school-wide customized unsubscribe messages by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Admin > Settings > General Settings

  • Click on Custom Instructions

    A screenshot highlighting the General Settings page and the Custom Instructions section
  • Scroll down to Custom unsubscribe message and add a custom message

  • Click Save

    A screenshot highlighting the Custom unsubscribe message

IMPORTANT: Make sure to add the [UNSUBSCRIBE] widget somewhere in your message. If you do not, the unsubscribe link will not appear.

Please note that if a group officer creates a group custom unsubscribe message, it will overwrite the school custom message on emails sent by that group.

Please contact with any questions.

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