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How to mass upload Profile Pictures
How to mass upload Profile Pictures
Written by CG Vendors
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Users can upload their profile picture by editing their profile.
However, School Administrators can mass upload profile photos directly into the users' accounts either manually or through the use of a FTPS server for automatic processing.

Manual upload

  1. Log in on CampusGroups

  2. Click on Admin

   3. Click on Upload Pictures under Settings

   4. Select through which field users will be selected

Note: You can choose to overwrite existing pictures with the dedicated checkbox.

   6. You can then directly upload the pictures

Automatic upload through a FTPS server

User profile pictures can be uploaded through a FTPS server. Images uploaded in the photos folder in said FTPS server will automatically be processed on a daily basis at around 7AM EST in production.

The uploaded files must be named [netid].jpg (where [netid] is the netid registered on the user account on the platform) following these guidelines:

  • The uploaded photos must be JPEG files. Other formats are not supported.

  • The uploaded photos should ideally have a resolution of 320 by 320. Other resolution will result in automated cropping and scaling which could degrade the quality of the images.

  • The uploaded photos should be as small as possible since they will count towards your data storage cap though this mainly exists to prevent abuse and is very rarely reached. We do not enforce a maximum size per photo.

Please contact our support team to get the FTPS server set up for your instance if interested. SFTP is also supported in beta preview, please contact your Campus Success Associate if interested.

Please contact with any questions.

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