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Customizing the User Onboarding Process
Customizing the User Onboarding Process

Engaging first time users of your CampusGroups Platform

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Welcome new students to your CampusGroups platform with the same excitement you have welcoming them to campus with User Onboardings!

User Onboardings are a way to build engagement and connection with your users before they’ve even joined their first group.

Multiple User Onboardings can be created to give customized experiences to different groups of users.

Create a User Onboarding

  • Click on Admin

  • Click on the User Onboardings dropdown and select Create Onboarding (we also recommend duplicating the Template Onboarding)

    A screenshot of the User Onboardings page highlighting the Create Onboarding button
  • Create an onboarding by giving it a Name (once you have finalized you User Onboarding, be sure to come back to publish the onboarding by toggling to Yes)

  • Click Save

    A screenshot of the Create/Edit Onboarding page highlighting the Name and Save buttons

Add Onboarding Steps

  • Click the name of your User Onboarding

  • Click Create Onboarding Step (or click on Settings to edit an existing step)

    A screenshot of the Onboarding Steps page highlighting the Create Onboarding Step and Settings button
  • Add a Name

  • Add a Subtitle - this provides more details on the step

  • Select the Step type

    • Profile steps let you add Fields allowing users to provide information for their profiles.

    • Privacy Settings step types will allow a user to review their Privacy Settings\

  • Add a Photo - help bring each step to life and show off your branding. Photos display vertically on the left half of each step

  • Click Save

    A screenshot of the Create/Edit Onboarding Step page highlighting the Name, Subtitle, Step Type, and Photo fields

Add Fields to Steps

Choose from a wide variety of preset Fields or add in any Custom User Fields that have been created. To learn how to make Custom Fields check out our Help Guide on Creating and Uploading Custom Fields

  • Navigate to the step you would like to add fields to and click Add/Edit Fields

    A screenshot of the Onboarding Steps page highlighting the Add/Edit Fields button
  • Click Add Field

  • Select a Database Field to customize what field you would like the user to fill out

  • Customize the step by changing the Field Label and adding Instructions (Privacy steps do not need additional setup)

    A screenshot of the Add/Edit Onboarding Step Field highlighting the Database Field, Field Label, and Instructions fields
  • You can Preview the entire Onboarding or just a single Step at any time.

Please contact with any questions.

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