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Your CampusGroups Home screen can be customized to highlight what is current and important on your campus and what matters to different user groups by adding Pages and Widgets to your Home screen.

Campus Administrators can create a new Home Page by going to Admin > Settings > Pages and clicking Create Page.
Pages can be customized from the Pages panel in Admin > Settings or by clicking the the Customize button in the upper right of the current Home Page.

Adding and customizing Pages

The customization layout will appear with several options

  1. Add a Page

  2. Edit Page options (Move, Settings, Duplicate, Delete)

  3. Page Widget Name

  4. Page Widget Content

  5. Edit the Widget in this Page

  6. Add a Widget


Pages are made of widgets in 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns with 11 different layouts shown by brackets

Page Options


You can reorder Pages by clicking and holding the move icon in the layout options and dragging it up and down.


Settings let you change the layout and who can see the Page with a shorter list of Access rights that let you chose from:

  • Everyone

  • Your entire Campus

  • Some Users

  • Some Tagged Users

  • Specific users

Duplicating Pages

Duplicating a Page will copy the Page and content Widget but will not include the Access rights.


Adding a Widget starts with selecting the type of Widget:




My Profile//My Activity


Event Slider

Video (Vimeo or YouTube)

Groups Slider


Users Slider

Content Box (HTML)

After selecting your Widget type fill in the rest of the options that will change based on what it selected.


If you select a static Widget, the design section at the bottom has options to customize the look of Widgets and make them stand out.


Once you have finished laying out your Pages, adding in Widgets, and setting Page access, return to the top of the page and click Save Customization to set your layout!

Activating your Home Page

Once you have finalized your Custom Home Page you can make it active by setting its Radio Button.

If your platform also has the Portal feature, you will need to set your new Home Page inside your Campus Hub by inserting the Page widget and Select the Page to activate and clicking Save.

This Home Page will only be active in the Web View and will not show up while using the mobile app.

Please contact with any questions.

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