User Verification Bypass Links
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Creating a User Verification Bypass Link will allow you to invite trusted users who will be automatically verified when they create their profile.

Guest users most commonly create a profile on the platform by Registering to an Event. By default, these profiles have restricted permissions and need to be Verified by an administrator before being able to navigate the site.

Typical use cases include:

  • Inviting parents to an Orientation Event Hub

  • Inviting Recruiters to a Virtual Career Fair

  • Inviting trusted Guests to an Event Hub

Follow these steps to create a User Verification Bypass link:

  • Navigate to Admin > Settings > User Permissions

    A screenshot of the Settings page highlighting the Admin, Settings and User Permissions buttons
  • Click Create Bypass Link at the bottom of the User Permissions page

    A screenshot highlighting the Create Bypass Link button
  • Add the link to where your users will be registering

  • Set an expiration timer

  • Save

Please contact with any questions.

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