Connection Programs are a highly customizable feature.
To learn how to create and use a Connection Program, please refer to this tutorial.

  1. First chose the Program's name and add a description.

   2. It is possible to change the default names of the "Host", the "Participant" or the "Meeting".

   3. Under "Meeting Information", you will be able to customize the meeting's:

  • Duration

  • Time Zone

  • Buffer (Time frame between two meetings.)

  • Minimum notice (Time frame during which participants cannot book a meeting.)

For example, if the minimum notice is set to two days, participants will not be able to book a meeting before two days from now.

  • Location

  • Start and End Date (Used to define the period of time during which this Connection Program will be accepting bookings.)

   4. The "Become a Host/Participant" section allows you to control how hosts and participants will be able to apply to the program.

   5. Finally, you can activate Drop-Ins for the program.

To learn more about Drop-In for Connection Programs, please read this tutorial.

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