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How to activate the Group Registration feature
How to activate the Group Registration feature
Written by CG Vendors
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The Group Registration feature allows officers to submit a group creation request by completing a form.

Verify that the Group Registration setting is activated.  

  1. Log in to CampusGroups

  2. Click on the Admin icon

   3. Click on Settings then Approval Processes

   4. Click on the Edit button of the Group Registration Process

   5. Make sure Activate Group Registration is set as Yes

Note: You can choose the Group Types the Re-registration will apply to with the
Group Types section.

IMPORTANT: The Group Registration Form/Survey field allows you to choose the group and survey to which the Group Registration requests will be sent.
Make sure you have created an appropriate form in the right group, and then select it from the drop-down list.

Please note: Additional Group Registration options are available on the More options for Registration section.

Now that the Group Registration' feature has been activated, users can now submit Registration requests for their new groups.

   6. To retrieve all the Group Registration requests, manage the group where you created the Group Registration Form and click on Surveys & Forms

   7. Find the form and click on its name to view more details

You will see the officers’ answer(s) to this form and will be able to approve their submission, reject and return their submission, or put their request on hold.

   8. Review the submission and select Approve, Reject, or On-hold

Note: If you set a Registration Approval with a workflow, you will be able to view the workflow on this page.

Please contact with any questions.

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