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Account Types & User Tags
Account Types & User Tags

Creating and managing your account types and user tags within your platform.

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In order to identify and mange your user(s) in your platform they will need to be associated with an account type and user tag. These two labels can help you as an administrator to organize and filter your users based on an experience within the platform.

Account Type

Each user can only be assigned one Account Type. These are used to determine the user experience and how that user type will behave within the platform (e.g., Student, Staff, Faculty, Alumni, etc.).

To create an account type you will need to navigate to Admin > Settings > Custom Values (Lookup) > Account Types

Click on Create Account type and fill in the required fields.

After creating an account type, you can then manage the user/field permissions and for the account type you associated your value with.

User Tags

Each user can be assigned multiple user tags. These tags allow you to create categories to assign to users for reporting, emailing, and filtering purposes. (e.g., class year, academic program, housing assignments, demographic information, etc.). Each tag can be set to be accessible to either Admins only or not.

To create a user tag, you will need to navigate to Admin > Settings > Tags > Create User Tag.

Create your name value, choose a color tag and decided whether it is only visible for Admins or not.

Please contact with any questions.

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