Here is an introduction to the main features available to group officers.

1. Access your management tools

The "Groups" dropdown gives you access to all the groups you joined and allows you to manage the ones for which you are an officer.

2. Manage your team of officers

Add, retrieve and set up all the group officers under the “Settings” menu. From there, you can administrate their permissions and notifications.

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Tip: Information entered in the “Role” and “Bio” fields will be displayed on the “Officers” webpage of your club website.

You can also organize an online survey to manage Elections.

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3. Manage your members

Retrieve all your members under the “Members” menu. Feel free to use our search and filter features to quickly find a particular member.

Members can sign up for your group from the “Groups” page. You can also add them to your group one by one or several at the same time.

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Tip: Pending members can’t access your group until they are validated. Approve their registration in the “Members pending validation” box.

4. Create events

Click on the “Create event” button in the “Events” menu to create a paying or a free event. Various options are available including creation of multiple tickets, timeslots, and waiting list.

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Retrieve the list of attendees by clicking on the event name.

5. Communicate with your members

Communicate easily with your members by clicking on the “Emails” menu. You can compose new emails using Mailing lists or Email templates and check Delivery status.

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You can also interact and share with all your members by posting on the group feed. Add photos, documents, links and polls to your posts.

6. Create a form or a survey

Create and share forms or surveys under the “Surveys & Forms” menu.

Tip: Receive an email notification when an answer has been submitted using the “Send notification” tag.

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7. Manage your website

Administer, edit and customize the club website under the “Website” menu. You can also create News posts and discussion boards.

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8. Retrieve your group's transactions

Keep track and manage the group’s transactions (club dues collection, ticket sales, refunds) under the "Money" menu.

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9. Manage your media

Store and share documents and photos under the “Media” menu.

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10. Change your group settings

At any time, you can change the various settings for your group including name, contact information, membership fees, and group sign-up options by clicking on the "Settings" menu.

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