1. Log in on CampusGroups.

  2. Manage your group.

  3. Click on "More" and then "Connection Programs" at the bottom of your left-side menu.

   4. Click on "Create Program" on the right.

   5. Give a name to your Connection Program and add a description.

To learn more about the different option the Connection Program's creation, please refer to this tutorial.

   6. Click on "Save" when you are done.

   7. Once your Connection program is created, click on its name to manage it.

   8. By clicking on the drop-down menu on the right, you will be able to manage the program.

   9. To learn more about Connection Programs reports, please read this tutorial.

   10. You will also be able to add mentors by clicking on "Add Mentor" or "Add Tutor" on the right.

     11. Find the user you would like to become a mentor to your program and add a short description.
 - If you have previously created tags for mentors, you can tag your new mentor with them.
 - If you have other mentors in your program and you would like your new mentor to have the same settings, use the "Duplicate this mentor" section and select an existing mentor.

   12. Click on "Submit" when you are done.

   13. You can can "Manage" the mentor newly created by adding "Meeting Availability". To do so, click on "+ Add Availability" in the middle.

  14. To learn how to add custom questions to meetings, please read this tutorial.

See the list of meetings by clicking on "Meetings" on the right.

For each of these meetings, the mentor will be able to take notes that are linked to a mentee and are only visible to the mentor and admins.

It also allows the mentor to see the progression of the mentee, as the mentor will get an alert 5 minutes before each meeting with a link to the previous notes.

   15. To learn how to link badges and connections programs, please read this tutorial.

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