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Creating a seamless experience across Mobile and Desktop

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Custom Left Menus in your CampusGroups platforms bring together your Campus Apps and your desktop experience.

These menus not only make a seamless experience across your platform, but also allow you to customize what and how your users access information on your platform.

Menus are set up in Apps using the App Builder. For more information on building a Campus App, see our Help Center article on the Hub Builder.

Organizing your Custom Left Menu

  • Navigate to Admin and click on Hubs

  • Select the hub you would like to use

  • Click Manage

  • Drag and drop Features from the right to the mobile display on the left

  • Click on Settings and be sure to Publish the hub

Custom Home Pages

  • To add a Custom Home Page, drag the Page widget to the Left Menu

    • You can learn more about creating Custom Home Pages from this Help Center article: Custom Home Pages

My Activities Menu

  • To add a dropdown menu of user's activities (e.g. My Forms, My Events, My Groups, etc.), drag the My Activity Menu widget into your App Builder

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