Before an Admin approves of a Group Registration or Re-Registration, it is sometimes necessary for all of the Officers of the group to approve of their position, fill out a form or complete a checklist. This can all be done through the Officer Approval Method feature.

The Officer Approval Feature can be found within the Group Registration or Re-Registration Approval Process. There are three types of Officer Approval Methods:

  • Approve Button

  • Officer Approval Form

  • Officer Approval Checklist

Follow these steps to set up the Officer Approval Method:

  • Navigate to Admin > Settings > Approval Processes

  • Click Create Process or Edit an existing process

  • Scroll to the bottom and select which type you would like to use

    • If you are using the Officer Approval Form or Officer Approval Checklist, select the Form or Checklist you want the Officers to complete

  • Officers will then receive an email asking them to approve of their position, to complete a form or to complete a checklist

  • Approvers can identify how many Officers did not approve of their position, complete the form, or complete the checklist within the Workflow

Please contact with any questions.

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