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Suggested Features to Include in Your Orientation Event Hub Menu
Suggested Features to Include in Your Orientation Event Hub Menu
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When building an Event Hub for Orientation, there are numerous features that you can add to your menu to create the best possible experience for your orientation attendees. Based on the features available and best practices from other campuses, the following list can be used as a suggested template to get you started.

Home Page Website: Create a dedicated page using the website builder to serve as the home page when your students access the Hub from the web and insert into menu using Web View.

Notifications: Make it easy to view all push notifications in one spot! Notifications can be sent to everyone in the orientation group from the Hub Dashboard, or sent to registrants of a specific event from the Manage Event page.

Activity Feed: Post announcements, photos, and encourage attendees to do the same!

Agenda: (See options below)

Group of Menus: Use a Group of Menus to select smaller groups of features, like the Agenda Tracks, communication tools, or program or major-specific features.

Video Links: Upload any videos to an external site (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) and have them open directly within the site/Hub.

Checklist: Build a checklist of to-do items the students need to accomplish as part of their orientation experience. Add the URL of the specific Track or Checklist for orientation

Custom List: Develop custom lists of items such as campus resources, FAQs, etc. Easily upload items into your lists.

Web Views: Add direct links to any website to easily bring students to campus websites, LMS systems, external training platform or anything else they need as part of the event experience.

Maps: Add images or URLS of maps to your library and choose to add some or all of them to your menu.

Resources For Staff Only: Group of Menus or Web View to internal resource website - Access Limited to Officers or Specific Users

Switch Hub: Allows users to switch between the Orientation Event Hub and the main Campus Mobile Hub menu without logging out.

Agenda Options:

a) Agenda: Add all of your sessions one-by-one or via upload. All events will then be added as Sessions under the Event Hub Parent Event. Sessions can be edited individually under the group’s Events dashboard.

b) Tracks: Add individual sessions to a single or multiple tracks to individualize the schedule by groups such as college, major, cohort, international or transfer students, or parents. Access settings can be adjusted for each track so that only attendees assigned to a track are able to view the sessions.

c) My Schedule: Contains all sessions an attendee has either registered for or has been added as an attendee by an administrator.

Connection Tools (Consolidated using Group of Menus)

a) Chat: Allow students to chat one-on-one with any other attendee. Pre-create small group chats with teams, orientation leaders, etc. via upload (request the template by emailing or create auto-messages to welcome users.

b) Attendees: See all attendees of your Parent Event. Connect with other attendees, send chats, and view their profiles.

c) Connection Programs: Create a Connection Program so that students can make appointments to meet with their orientation leaders, academic advisors, etc.

d) Speakers: Add speaker profiles and bios and assign speakers to individual sessions.

Interactive Elements (Consolidated using Group of Menus)

a) Surveys: Create surveys to gain essential feedback.

b) Polls: Add polls to gain instant feedback on a single question.

c) Leaderboard: Add gamification elements by tracking attendee engagement through the collection of points. Consider awarding real-world benefits to students with the highest point totals!

d) Social Media: Include your social media (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram) with dedicated widgets. For Twitter & Instagram, have the option of following a handle or a specific hashtag.

Please contact with any questions.

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