Getting ready for a new academic term? Review the list of suggestions below to make sure that your CampusGroups site is ready for a successful semester of campus engagement!

Manage Users:

  • Bulk deactivate recent graduates and students who have left the university
  • Import new users for the newly admitted students
  • Add/update User Tags
  • Check to ensure all workflow teams are up to date and edit if necessary

Start New Group Registration/ Group Re-Registration:

  • Make sure that the approval workflow process and the approval form is up to date for new group registration and group re-registration

Event Updates:

  • Publish welcome back events on the calendar and advertise to community
  • Schedule Virtual Fairs and ensure the fair setup has begun and groups update their booths
  • Begin to add signature events (ex. Graduation) and key dates to the calendar for the rest of the term

General Administrative Tasks:

  • Schedule a check-in meeting with your Customer Success Associate
  • Add a new Banner/additional content to your homepage
  • If applicable, close out fall semester budgets and make sure spring semester budgets are in the appropriate stage
  • If applicable, review user points and badges
  • If applicable, add a welcome back checklist to encourage students to get active on the platform as they return

Group Officer Tasks:

Election Preparation:

  • Begin to plan how you would like to host group elections this year. Check out our article about running elections on CampusGroups
  • Create a registration form for students to request to be a candidate
  • Create the framework for campus election surveys to enter in the candidates as they are finalized

Project Ideas:

Please contact or reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Associate with any questions.

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